Thursday, January 5, 2006

Meet Spunky!


Good Afternoon Everyone!!

Just some announcements:

Shipping Prices increased just a tad on the website- around $.30-.50 on each dollar value. The shipping ranges are now:

Shipping Charges
Up to $10.00
$20.00-$30.00 $5.00

This was due to the postage increase by the USPS effective on January 8th. No fun!! I know!!

Also...Lots of new designs are being added to the website. I have new notepad designs coming soon too. Be on the lookout for those.

Another change-If you sign the guestbook these days- it has to be *approved* before it can be published. Mainly to keep crazy things from appearing on the guestbook from wierdos.

That's Spunky in the picture with me! My husband found Spunky while he was working one day and brought him home. Spunky thinks he won the lottery (at least we think he thinks so) because he is just a little tad bit SPOILED rotten!!