Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday is my birthday and I thought I would celebrate with a lucky person. I will draw one lucky person's name to win a goodie box of "birthday related" products on my birthday.. January 17th!
To enter leave a comment and let me know your birthday!


Melissa said...

I would like to enter.

May 14th

Kristi Brooke said...

i don't have to tell you since I got your awesome gift this week. thanks so much. happy early birthday.

carole m. said...

How fun! my birthday is August 15th
and I will be 40! and my oldest sons is the same day as yours January 17th and he will be 16!!! UGH-this is a big birthday year for us :)

Sarita Ferreira said...

Mine is 11-20-1963....I feel soooo old :)

Londie Reynolds said...

I wanna enter!!! :) Thanks Kacey!!!!

sewgracious said...

My special day is Dec 16 so I just celebrated.

hope you have a special day, Kacey. Happy Birthday!

Pam :-)

Heather said...

December 27th! I received my order. So cool....they are even cuter in person! Thanks.

Kerri said...

Happy (early) Birthday Kasey!!
My birthday is Aug. 21st!

Kerri Leland

Anonymous said...

Totally Fun Giveaway!! :)
I'm June 8th~
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Early)!!!!!!! :x

Anonymous said...

Happy 21st Birthday! :)

I'm December 22nd....and I don't recommend December birthdays! ha!

Hope it is a happy one.

Love, Deana Lewis

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday to one awesome girl with plenty of talent!
April 3rd! said...

thanks girls! Deana I am a few years older than 21 though HA!HA!! This is my 29th! YIKES!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Karen Bendily
Dec 12th

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day!

Carrie Williams
August 1

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kacey!!

Amy (lovemyapril)
August 3:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Heather (Zanas*Mommy)
July 8th

Amanda McRaney said...

Happy Birthday Kacey Kat!!!




Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great birthday and many, many more.
Sept. 28

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!! Mine is 9/7.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Kacey, Happy Birthday to You (a little bit early :-)) Mine is May 2nd. Diane (liamsmom)

CQ said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day! Mine is 9/27.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Jennifer Williams
March 25

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!

Melissa Priest
March 14th

Anonymous said...

Have a great birthday! Mine is November 30th-Lindsay Ditto

Anonymous said...

Mine is December 29th!!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day! Mine is Feb. 12th! Would love to win!
Allison K.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Mine is April 11th

Kimberly Holly

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday! My Birthday is Feburary 1st!

Catherine Morin

Liz said...

Happy Birthday, Kacey!

Mine is January 30!

Amy McLeod said...

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday, Dear Kacey!
Happy Birthday to You!!!

Have a Happy!

My Birthday is none other than April Fool's Day :) Woo Hoo!!!

Jennifer said...

I wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Mine is December 19th

bethsnana said...

Happy Birthday Kacey!!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful year!!!

My special day is March 5th!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kacey! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

Julie Massey
April 9

Kimberly Larkins said...

Happy birthday, Kacee!!!

I'm sooo glad I was introduced to you and Doodlebugs and have loved your products before, during and after my pregnancy with twins!
Thanks for making life a bit more fun and colorful!!

Enjoy your special day and make a wish!

AngieBinTn said...

Happy Birthday to you... and many mooooooooore!!... :)
October 27th!

SalGal said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE my stuff, btw.
Sally May 28th

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Janet Massey
November 29

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kacey, I hope that you have a wonder ful day.
Amanda Rutherford

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful year!

Sandra Z
May 10th

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kacey.
I guess your 29!!!
Am I right? Jessica just turned that, so I'm putting two and two together:)
I was just 34 Dec. 16.
Have a wonderful birthday.
Jennifer Baker

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kacey!

Mine is September 4th....

Susan Fidler

Deborah MacLennan said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kacey! Wishing you a day with many magic moments and wishes that come true!!

My special day is September 11th! It's the BIG 50 this year! (I still don't know how I feel about that. At least, you can see I'm young at heart cuz I think your designs are fun and sweet!!)
Debbie MacLennan

Anonymous said...

Too cute Kacey! Happy birthday next week! My birthday is a few days later.. Jan. 20th. I'm still 30-something!!

Timla Healey
Painted Piggies

Anonymous said...

well congrats Kacey! i love your store! glad to hear some more good news today - my gradparents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary today!!! looks like the month of January is just a very good month for you and my family as well!!! i love your stuff - i try to order from you as often as i can!! i am a mississippi girl - we have to keep our mississippi girls in business!! have a happy birthday - mine is april 22!!! i will be 27!!!

alison ann gilmore
canton, mississippi

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

twinmom said...

4/14 - Happy Birthday to you!

Jennifer D

Anonymous said...

I love birthdays, what a great giveaway! My birthday is 9-30-81. I'm getting all my friends hooked on doodlebugs- we love your stuff!

Have a wonderful birthday!!!
Lindsey Steinhauser


My birthday is June 11, 1967 and this year is the big "40!!" I am excited because I feeler younger than ever and I still love pretty stationery!!Your things are so great!! Happy Birthday!!
Pamela Graham

Kimberly Heath said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the new Valentines goodies!!!
My birthday is August 30.
Kimberly Heath

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I love your site and look at it almost daily trying to decide what to order. My birthday is July 2. Thanks.

Heena Bhakta said...

Happy Birthday!! I love your site and products. My birthday is March 3.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kacey! I just got my first order from you this week and I LOVE IT!!! So much cuter in person than on the site! I'll be ordering lots more soon.

My b-day is 3/28. I'll be 39! UGH! But God is blessing me with a baby girl at the end of February so it's gonna be a GREAT year!

Regina from Ridgeland, MS

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!
I hope you have a great one. Try not to work to hard on this special day. My birthday is June 23.

Make it a great one!
Julie Luckey

Anonymous said...

You rock! Hope your birthday was smashing!
My birthday is Dec. 4th (but I think you knew that already!)


jen latourette said...

Have a fun fun birthday!
Mine is March 11.
Love your Valentine's Day stuff; I'll be getting some of that!!
Jen Latourette

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 17th! I love your new Valentine's Day designs. My birthday is St.Pat's day, March 17th

Hart Koller

sara said...

How fun! My birthday is Dec. 16th. Have a good one!


Amy Tice said...

Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is April 25th. - Amy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

My birthday is May 29th.

Leslie Miller said...

Happy Birthday!

My birthday is May 29th.

Ashley Ewing said...

Happy Birthday! I love all your stuff! The Valentine's stuff is so cute! I have gotten things at a party and on ebay! Keep up the good work! My birthday is May 18th!

Emily Medlin said...

Well, happy birthday! I just love all of your paper! My birthday is April 8th. Have a great day!

Cheri Coffelt said...

Happy Birthday!!!I love all your products. My birthday is Dec. 3.

blessdtwice said...

Happy Birthday! (a few days late!) Love your designs!!

rhondawilliams said...

Happy Birthday Kacey! I hope it's a great one!! My birthday is Sept. 12. I'll be 30 years old this year!!!

mandygee said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it is a good one with many more to come... My Birthday is April 21.

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday! Our birhtday's are very close. Mine is one the 14th of January (this Sunday). Have a great day!

Colleen said...

Happy birthday!! The order came out amazing, and I still have people calling and asking about the address labels that you made. I tell them all that they have to check out your site. My nephew's birthday is coming up soon, and I am in the process of trying to find stationary for's tough :o) Thanks again. My birthday is September 11 :o)

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Kacey!
My birthday is April 17th.

Anonymous said...


My birthday is April 10th.
I am going to be 30 yikes.
I hope you have a great day!

Amy King

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site(s) by click, click, clicking away through blogs. that word of site? Loooove your stuff. Can't wait to see more.
Jessica A.
July 7

Anonymous said...

Hey! Happy early Birthday....I hope that you enjoy your day! Your new stuff looks great! It is all so cute! Amanda B. July 29

Stacey Huey said...

Happy ,Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one. My friends all love your stuff now too- I think you should get lots of orders soon- they loved thier Christmas stationery!

oh, my birthday is April 3rd.

Dana said...

I hope your birthday is wonderful!
December 2nd is my birthday :)


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day!
My bday is Feb. 16th - Valentine baby!!!
Clinton, MS

Stephy Conner said...

Hi Kacey-
Happy "Early" Birthday!! I would like to enter your drawing...

Hope your doing well...

Heather Baugh said...

Happy B-day Kacey! Hope you have a great day! My b-day is July 16!
p.s. - those b-day stickers are precious & i'm almost out so i could use some more =)

Stephy Conner said...

Forgot to put my b-day...
It is October 8th

Mary Elizabeth said...

Cake & Kisses to everyone!!!

y daughter's bday is Feb 12th, mine 21st & hubby is 24th!!! So we celcbrate all month long!! This year we will celebrate @ Disney World & we will be there for daughter's bday!!!


M.E. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kacey,
This is late...I sent the first one to your e-mail.
Happy Belated Birthday!
I hope it was great, you deserve it.
My birthday is October 18th.
Love, Paula
Orlando, Florida