Sunday, August 26, 2007

Website Troubles..

UPDATE: Halloween & Fall products have been added back to the site. Along with some REALLY cute round Halloween & fall personalized stamp designs. Check them out here!

My website has been down all weekend and when it was restored it lost everything I had added since July 7th. (Which was tons....)

So, if you are looking for something and it is not there... please be patient while I get everything loaded back on.

This also includes Halloween items.

Sorry for the troubles! It is a huge headache but I am thankful it was not any worse than it was!

I am also going to hold up on picking the Halloween winner for a couple more days .

Have a great week!



stefanie said...

So sorry about that... what a bummer! Got my order last week. Very cute!


Kari said...
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Kim Sue said...

well yuck!

Anonymous said...

that really does stink! hope it is back to "easy" soon!

Anonymous said...

Will you list your upcoming shows sometime on this blog in the Mississippi area...thanks!