Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Doodle Bugs Office

A few months ago I was interviewed for a local newspaper. Here are a few {ok, a lot!} of pictures of my workspace that were taken the day of the interview.

When I started Doodle Bugs Paper in 2003 I ran it completely out of my guest bedroom. It was a huge step about five years ago to buy an office building and move out of the guest bedroom.

If you have ever wondered where your orders are processed and packaged up here is a look.

So, come on in….

IMG_7340IMG_7272IMG_7280  IMG_7284   IMG_7283  IMG_7287   IMG_7288IMG_7292IMG_7297IMG_7301IMG_7310  IMG_7306    IMG_7299IMG_7314  IMG_7308IMG_7323IMG_7317   IMG_7322IMG_7330    IMG_7331  IMG_7328  IMG_7332


Miss Squirrels said...

What a beautiful space to work in!!! And the drive is short ;)

Kim Sue said...

❤️Feels like forever since you've put me to work in there!