Saturday, October 21, 2006

Personalized Coasters Added to the website.

Another high priority request. After every show I am flooded with emails about WHY the coasters are not on the website. I have no excuse. I just don't know why I never put them on the website. They are always a big hit at my shows and I love them too!

So, I have FINALLY put them on the website. Here is the link

And for future references- they are located in the "other fun stuff" category. All the information is there- design choices, ink choices, size, price, etc.. but if you have any questions just email

Here are the design choices:

I have seen most of the designs and they are all cute! But, I saw for the first time this past week the #D26 design in the brown ink and it was ADORABLE!! I would never have picked that but I really loved it! Unless a design just stands out to me for someone- I always order the little house (#D18) as wedding gifts. I think they are just too cute!

They take around 2 1/2 weeks for delivery to me and then I have to ship them to you so expect another week for delivery. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to order.

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