Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bag Tags

Bag Tags are one of my best selling products. Everyone needs one (or 2 or 3) and they also make fabulous gift. You can give them alone or tie them on a package for a little extra gift. They are great for all ages!

Bag tags are also known as luggage tags.
If you own any kind of bag you need one! They are not just for luggage.
They look sweet on lunch boxes, backpacks, sports bags, musical instrument cases, teacher bags, diaper bags, camera cases, library or book bags.

Another great use.. hook them on a cooler. A couple of weeks ago I had my high school reunion. I was on the planning committee and one of my jobs was bringing drinks to the class dinner. Each one of my coolers had bag tags attached! Why not?

Bag Tags are also great if your child has allergies or special needs. I have printed several tags with medicine info or a doctor's name and number.

You can also have tags printed with your child's school, room #, school telephone number and teacher's name.

I am proud to announce their are 10 new designs just added today!

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Anonymous said...

oh I just LOVE bag tags but the cooler idea is the BEST!!
Off to shop ;-)