Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Calling Cards

Calling Cards were first used as a card you left with someone when you made a social visit. You would leave a card at the household where you made your visit. The cards were printed with a name only. A man could leave a card for other men and women but a woman could only leave another woman her card. It was taboo for a woman to leave a man her card. You were to leave a card for each adult in the household that you were visiting but it was unsocialable to leave more than three cards at one house.

Calling Cards today are used for several other reasons besides "social cards".

Calling Cards are used as gift enclosure cards. They are attached to gifts or put inside a wrapped present to announce who the gift is from.

Calling Cards are used as personal contact cards. Especially for Moms. They are used to let others know how to contact you. They are personalized with names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Because of their size calling cards are used as business cards. A more stylish approach to the traditional white cards with blank print. Why not? Advertise your business or service with a little jazz.

There are three different styles of calling cards on the website. Square, Pop-ups and the traditional flat ones. Most designs can be personalized with the wording of your choice.

If you are a busy mom who goes on play dates and has a lot of Mommy need a set of Mommy cards! Personalize them with your contact info so other Mom's can get in touch with you. It sure beats digging around in the bottom of your purse and trying to find a scratch piece of paper to write on.

The pop up cards are one of my first designs and have been around since the begninning. They are also the very first product I sold on EBAY. I remember it was the dragonfly design and they were personalized with the name Ellie. I was so happy with that first sell !

Our square calling cards were featured in Mississippi Magazine as a "Can't Miss Product" from Mississippi. This small recognition brought me so many online customers. I can not thank MS magazine enough for sharing my product with so many MS shoppers.

I am excited to also announce that I have just added ten new calling card designs to the website.
I hope you see something you like :o)

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Natasha said...

I guess I am a true southern gal and have always loved calling cards. I'll have to check out your new ones as Luci and Griffin go through them quickly!