Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chez Ami ...35% off SALE

I have a great friend who is a Chez Ami rep and I wanted to share some information with you!

First.. if you visit their website they are having a 35% off sale. Adorable kids clothes that you will LOVE!! And the prices are awesome. Go fast.. run so you can get your pick of items!

If you place an order you need to enter her info so you can get credit.

Her id# is 222008 and her name is Amanda Rutherford.

Enter both of those during checkout!! Also, after you place your order email ME and I will send you a surprise "happy" in the mail :o) So, you buy adorable children's clothes at a great price AND you get free stationery :o) I hope you all run fast and order now!!

OR.. would you like to earn some free clothes for your little ones??

Here is the perfect chance...

If you live in Mississippi and you would love to host a fall show you can email Amanda.

She also does catalog shows!! Email her for more info!!

Don't forget to email ME if you place an order or if you schedule a show so I can reward you!! I hope I get the chance to send out TONS of good mail because you took advantage of this great opportunity!!

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Natasha said...

I'm all over it! Just ordered Luci and Griffin the coordinating brother sisiter outfits from the dragonfly line (brwon/blue). I amde sure to give Amanda credit! Thanks for the sale scoop! I love matching monogrammed clothes!