Monday, July 16, 2007

Folded Notes

Folded Notes are a big seller
I love a handwritten note and I hope the tradition continues for a long time and that they do not get lost in the email world we live in. I go thru a stack of notes so quickly and I always feel like someone I know needs a special note, a thank you note or someone needs a note just to say hi.
It is amazing that there are 12 pages of folded notes on the website.
All folded notes are 4.25" x 5.5' and include envelopes.

I can remember when I first "came up" with the pink giraffe. I was really excited. I had a few samples printed out and I remember my sister was here and she saw them. She thought they were cute so I went ahead and sold them. I listed them first on ebay before they made their way onto the website. They were a big hit from the beginning and still are popular. Hands down they won as the best selling product for 2006.

This is just last week's orders of folded notes.

Do you see something you ordered? I always get emails from customers who say they saw their order on the blog! It is like a sneak peak..

I have to send out a HUGE thank you to my mom who spends hours of her time putting my boxes together and filling them with envelopes.

I am excited to announce that 10 new folded notes have just been added to the website!

Hope you enjoy! Click here to go see!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am one of those customers who sees her order on your blog. It looks great and I can't wait to give it to my sister for her college graduation! Thanks!

Natasha said...

Love ALL the new ones, esp Pink Zebra and Preppy Whales! They are all so cute.

The Cascio Whirlwind said...

I see my cards! Love them!