Monday, July 9, 2007

Your either going to love this.. or hate it :o)
I have just added a TON of new typestyle choices to the website.
I have had several emails lately about certain typestyles that I use on my products but they were not available on my typestyle list.. so I added all those fun ones you have been asking for.
When you order you can reference by the typestyle # that you would like to use. Just let me know in the personalization box which typestyle you would like. If you do not enter a number I will pick one for you.
(I am in the process of updating the link on each product to reflect the new typestyles.. please be patient with me until I get this completed.. it is a HUGE job)

1 comment:

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Thank you so much- this font obsessed girl is in font heaven!