Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eye Candy

a collection of pink and gree square stickers..
birthday square stickers..
(the bottom set is a brand new design that is really cute!
monkey dots folded notes and matching bag tag
more square stickers...
bag tags galore..
See that stripe one on the top row- it's the primary stripe bag tag and it is one of my favorites :o)

sports balls small name stickers
daisy small name stickers
onesie notes- sweeet for the new babies
and if you think these are cute - check out the onesie stamp :o)

And last.. look at this collection of blue and lime notes.

These two colors seem to be popular right now.


Hillcrest Acres said...

Count me in on this great giveaway!!! The thank you notes are so cute. I love all the photos you showed on this post, especially of the pink and green square stickers!!!

Thanks for hosting such a cute giveaway.

Natasha said...

Eye Candy for certain - it's all adorable!!

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

OMG...the onesie notecards are adorable! if only i had children!!!!