Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Roundup- April 26, 2009

It has been a BUSY week!

We are about to start the last week in May!

It will be SUMMER soon!!

So, to kick off the season.. SUMMER PRODUCTS are HERE!

It is also GRADUATION time- so don't forget to buy gifts!

Give the gift that all Seniors need- THANK YOU NOTES!

Larger qtys can be bought in the NOTE SETS category.

Don't forget to join us on FACEBOOK if you are not already a fan.

We had a giveaway when we reached 100 members but I will have another

giveaway when we reach 200. Spread the word!

What about TWITTER?

I set up an account in March- then I never did anything with it.

{This was before I fell victim to Facebook}

But, I am going to try and start Tweeting (is that the correct word?)

So come on over and follow me!

So, does anyone have any Twitter suggestions? HELP!

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