Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{a new look and a fabulous giveaway for teachers}

 So, have you noticed my new makeover?

I had a few little things about my blog that was bothering me and I hired
{more like begged then traded some stationery}
 my new teaching buddy/customer Kristen to help me out.

In return she got a few stationery items and I am donating a gift certificate to her website for a giveaway going on now.

Many of you know that I live another life besides Doodle Bugs..
I am also a full time first grade teacher and there are TONS of great blogs for teachers!
Her tagline on her blog says it all..
Love what you do, do what you love!
Kristen is a fabulous first grade teacher.

Her website is First Grade Teaching... and the giveaway for the Doodle Bugs Paper gift certificate is HERE! The deadline is Sunday, February 27th.



lovetwoteach said...

I love your stationary and products! I have to say even before I worked with you, I loved my portfolio I bought a month ago! It just makes me smile in teacher meetings. I actually like taking notes! Well, tolerate taking notes. ;)


Linda said...

Kacey, love your new look! How can you not love anything with polka dots!

I'm going to tell my daughter about the website you mentioned. She is a senior at Arizona State right now, in their teaching program. She's wanting to teach somewhere between K-3rd grade.