Sunday, November 11, 2012

Inventory Sale Items.. Notepads


I have just updated the "Inventory Sale” category.. and added several sets of generic notepads. This means they are not personalized.

They are all limited quantities.. so if you are interested.. hurry fast!

Here is the link: Inventory Sale Generic Notepads



Each set has 2 notepads that are 50 sheets each = 100 sheets total.

On sale for $8.00. These make great stocking stuffers or little gifts for school workers, secretaries, secret santa gifts, etc..

Here is the link: Inventory Sale Generic Notepads


Unknown said...

Those are very unique and intresting notepads you got there! I really love notepads most specially if they're personalized! :) -

Unknown said...

I love those cards. They have pretty designs. I love giving cards and notepads to my friends. Personalizing and customizing it is what i like the most. :) -