Sunday, September 9, 2007

It is that time of the year!

It is that time of the year.. to pull all these boxes out and get to work. These boxes hold all of my home show samples and books. It is hard to believe the holiday season is starting and my home shows begin in a couple of weeks. I sent my first hostess of the season her invites. The late hours and no sleep will soon be here. For now.. I am busy getting updated samples ready and all the new products and designs ready to showcase at the shows.
My sister is coming next week to help with "generic" items that are cash & carry items at the shows. I have to get stocked up and ready! Happy Holidays!


Shar said...

What home shows do you do? Do you do the California Gift show or the ASD/AMD shows in Las Vegas? Or home shows as in peoples homes? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

sounds exciting and exhausting at the same time! do you drink coffee? lol.

Anonymous said...

that coffee comment was from me. sorry. not trying to be mysterious or anything!